My research interests cover different areas of Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. Below some of my projects are ordered in a timely fashion.

My latest research involves facial expression recognition and vital sign estimation using adaptive facial regions. At VicarVision we develop FaceReader, world’s first commercial tool capable of automatically analyzing facial expressions. You could check my latest blog post using our techniques.

Before joining VicarVision, I worked as a post-doc researcher at ISLA, University of Amsterdam where I focused on large scale image classification techniques.

During my PhD at Electrical Electronics Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara; I worked on a user assisted image segmentation method and focused on stereoscopic content generation/manipulation. We proposed an efficient superpixel/supervoxel extraction method as a preprocessing step to be used with graph based convex optimization techniques.

In the mean time, I worked at Vestek as a design architect for the Pixellence engine where we focused on image enhancement on 2D/3D content.